Friday, May 7, 2010


In the multitudes of my (anxious) thoughts within me, Your comforts cheer and delight my soul! Psalm some anxious stuff this morning Lord!


For those of you who have Facebook you saw this was my status I put up before 9 AM this morning. God knew already how this day would go.

Nick has had some back pain for the last 6 weeks or so. He thought he had pulled a muscle or pinched a nerve. He had several visits to his chiropractor and many massages. He never really experienced total relief. Then he started experiencing some numbness in his left hand. The pain became so severe today that we took him to Mayo. I prayed so very hard last night that God reveal WHATEVER it was causing him pain!

After an preliminary MRI our fears were confirmed. He has another tumor that has grown onto his (level 7 T-1 nerve) vertebrae. Right where he was having his pain. It has literally crushed that vertebrae. By this afternoon he was in excruciating pain.

The neuro-surgeon said that the tumor was in a difficult place for him to do surgery. So the treatment plan would most likely be radiation.

As of this evening when I left this is what we were told:

Doctors did second MRI this time with contrast to get a better picture of the tumor (size, and to be sure there are no other tumors) The oncologist and neuro-surgeon and many other doctors will all meet tomorrow morning to get a firm plan of treatment. We trust them!! and our God!!

OK as I was typing this the radiological oncologist called. They will start treating this tumor immediate (tomorrow morning 9:00) with radiation. 10 treatments...our prayer is that this works. With radiation comes fatigue, possible hair loss, sore throat and difficulty swallowing. This is an aggressive tumor praise the Lord they found it.

As much faith as we have and we do.... the devastating emotion this brought to the three of us today was almost more than we could bare. The why's came!!! So we do what we know best, we called in an army of prayer warriors.YOU!!! Hear me load & clear friends the PEACE came over us. By the time we left Nick tonight he was joking around (he did have quit a bit of pain meds) So hopefully he is able to sleep and rest his mind tonight. Tomorrow will be a very telling day.

I told him that we had the prayer chain in motion and he said "it feels so good to be loved by everyone" he was feeling it for sure!!! We do not know what tomorrow will bring... but we do believe and trust God to be in control. I will update you all as soon as possible tomorrow.

We love and appreciate you all.Your prayers work miracles!!!

In God's Healing Name,
The Badida's


  1. Dear Tammy,

    Oh my sweet friend. Please know that I love you and am praying for you. Your invite was such the thing for me this morning. Now I think we need to move our date to a different place. That's okay. I can do that!

    Here is what I know. God loves us. He has a plan for us. It isn't what we think it might be but HE knows. Some days I am mad...some days I am just sad...some days I just need a friend. I will be yours!

    Feel my love and prayers tonight!

    Jer. 29:11

  2. Sweet Tammy,
    We are here for you. What do you need? Meals, running errands - amything. Of course prayers, to the One who can do all the things we cannot. " His strength is perfect when our strength is gone, He will carry us when we cant carry on. Raised in his power the weak become strong, His strength is perfect."
    Let me know how we an help, if you just need someone to come and listen.
    Love in Him who is the Great Physician,