Thursday, May 27, 2010

Thursday May 27th 9:23PM

Nick is continuing to make great progress at Brooks. The therapist is now saying good possibility of him going home in 7-10 days!! He is starting to come out of that pain med fog, which is so good to see. He is joking around more, just really getting back to his old self. It will be so great to have him home. The house just isn't the same without him here. I look over at that empty recliner and I get a big knot in my throat.

It is hard to believe it had only been 9 days since the surgery. So many prayers answered with that. The fact that Nick's pain was not even close to what they thought it would be, is nothing short of a miracle, not to mention the awesome recovery he is making with his back and arm. The covering of prayers over that surgery are continuing to be answered everyday. I am thrilled you all are witnessing God's great work in our lives.

I think back to January and how I felt like I was falling into a depression. God brought me a friend to confide in who was feeling the same way. That friend sent me straight to God's word, James to be exact. Together we went through it verse by verse. It began to completely transformed me. I could not get enough. It was all in God's perfect timing. I had always looked up scripture & memorized some of it, but I don't think I really absorbed it and the impact it could have in my life until now. I am ashamed to admit I think I actually took The Bible for granted. But NO MORE!! Now, we are on to Philippians!!I am also beginning a study in Proverbs. There is no particular order we go in. Just letting God lead us and being obedient to learning and living by His word. It is exciting!! I know now He was preparing me and equipping me for what was to come. I cannot praise HIM enough for the gift of His Holy Word and that precious friend who guided me there.

Thank you to all of our amazing friends and family who keep us lifted up daily in thoughts and prayers. We are so blessed by each of you and we pray for God's blessings upon you always.

The Badidas

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