Thursday, October 14, 2010

Thursday, October 14th, 2010

We entered the doors of Mayo today hand in hand ready to tackle whatever was thrown our way. I kind of visualized us wearing football pads and helmets. We were dressed in the full armor of God and we were going to conquer the appointments ahead of us!!

I have not updated in a while so I will catch those of you who do not know what has been going on, up to speed.There has been some additional areas of pain in Nicks shoulder blades and just a feeling off overall body aches. We were scheduled for Palliative Care today and were lucky enough to get an appointment with Radiological Oncology(Dr. Snead).

Palliative Care is such a blessing. Dr. Shannon's primary concern is that Nick is comfortable and hopefully through the right medication is able to enjoy some real quality of life. I am so thankful and think it is an answered prayer that the anti-deppresants really seem to be helping Nick from the emotional end. A lot less tears and a lot more smiles!! Dr. Shannon was pleased with Nick's progress. As he left the room he told us to hold each other's hand more and enjoy every second of every day. I want Nick to have as much joy as his heart can hold.

Dr. Snead was concerned with the additional pain and the area it seems to be in. She ordered blood work and a bone x-ray, which we did today and also moved Nick's November 16th MRI
to this Monday. We hope to hear the results of the blood work and xray tomorrow. I will post that update as soon as I hear something.

We were saying today emotionally things are better, now if we can get the physical part to cooperate a bit. But we know it is all in God's way and timing. We have learned not to question, but to pray and submit totally. It seems as though Nick has become more at peace on this journey. He said one thing about being in Heaven is he won't have to wear that brace. A sweet friend told him recently that brace represents his Cross. I thought that was so powerful. I feel like Nick looks at that piece of metal a bit differently now. It really has been a symbol of not just his suffering, but his transformation with the Lord.

So much has been stripped away that we didn't need and not just the worldly, material things. Our hearts have been changed. We want our lives to be a reflection of Christ and all of His goodness. The freedom to live for His approval and what He thinks of us, has become a mission. Yes, we are going to fail, but that's where God's unending forgiveness takes place, and hopefully as His refinement in us continues to take place, we will fail less and less.

We want you to know that this is NOT about us, but ALL about our Heavenly Father and His mercy, love and grace in our lives. For whatever reason, He has chosen us for this battle and we just want to make Him proud. The best decision we ever made is to live our lives for the Lord.

Thankful, grateful, and humbled by your continuous love, support and prayers for our family.

In His Name,

The Badidas

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