Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Wednesday, Jan 19th, 2011

Not much change over the last couple of days. Monday night Nick slept through the night and then last night was a rough one. Today, during the times I was there he slept very sound and peacefully. Hopefully, he will begin to have less of what Hospice refers to as "terminal restlessness". I do see some slow progress of less anxiety. Still not eating,(couple spoons of jello maybe) and barely any liquids, a few ice chips here and there.

Seeng Nick go through this type of mental and physical termoil over the last week, I feel helps us (me and the kids) to be more at peace with what lies ahead. I wonder if sometimes God allows us to see these sufferings in preparation for letting go when that time comes and hope of easing the pain a bit.

I feel that God has also helped me with the task of having to plan those things that are uncomfortable to even talk about let alone actually have to go forward with.HE has been apart of every detail, no matter how small. I know this because of the way things are falling into place with ease and comfort. I praise Him so much that and I am so thankful!!

I will blog only as things progress. Your prayers continue to blanket us with peace and love everyday. I read to Nick every card, FB post, text, etc...even though he can seldom respond, I feel in my heart he can hear me. I tell him he is loved and prayed for by so many. God is moving and lives are being changed, this journey will have great purpose in the the name of our mighty Lord!


The Badidas

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