Thursday, February 3, 2011

Thursday Feb 3rd, 2011..Happy Birthday Aaron!

Today is such a special day!! Our son Aaron's 17th Birthday. I write this through many tears and also with such great joy to have him in my life. Not having Nick hear to share this day saddens me so much. He always looked forward to all the kids birthdays. His daughter Erika just turned 22 Sunday.It was hard to tell whose Birthday it really was, Nick's or the kids!!

I feel like God has truly blessed Aaron and I with a wonderful mother/son relationship. The Lord knew we would need each other. It is a gift to look at both of Nick's kids and see so much of him.

This week has been mostly challenged by being sick. Although, we had most of the arrangements taken care of there has been some minor details to get finished. All of it to honor Nick the way he wanted. We are just cuddling in God's arms everyday, finding that comfortable spot and resting securely in His promise to see us through.

So many sweet, tender & thoughtful texts, cards, emails, phone calls, etc...The comfort and peace that fills this home right now is so wonderful. We cannot thank you all enough for your support. You have never let go during this very painful and very long journey.

Saturday will be a very special day and I look forward to seeing you there and celebrating the life of a wonderful man. Now let me go put on that silly little Birthday hat and go give my boy a big ole hug!! I am sure he will love that!! LOL!

God is Always So Good,

The Badidas

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