Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Happy Birthday, Mom!

Everybody gets to see so much of my mom in the words on this blog. They get to see a compassion and a desire to reach out to others who are experiencing a pain she knows so well. They get to see a strength and a persistence in encouraging other people. 
But what you don’t always get to see is her gift as a mother. I can’t express how incredible it is to know you have someone who is always protective of you, concerned about you, and supportive of you. I’m blessed beyond measure to be able to experience that kind of love from a parent. 
I think sometimes my mom’s strength is seen in light of all she has gracefully overcome in the past year, and while she certainly as grown so much from that, I have always known her to be this person whose wisdom and loyalty you can’t help but to admire. I am no stranger to this beautiful person that my mom is, inside and out. 
It’s a privilege to be your son, mom. I thank God for you, and pray that He blesses you abundantly for your heart to reach other people. I cannot wait to see you continue to transform and allow your life to become a living testimony to so many more people. 

Though things might not be as simple as they once were, and though there is always going to be uncertainty, I know that there is an anointing on your life if you continue to allow God to work through you. Great things come in obedience, and so much of what you do is a testament to what it means to be refined by fire. 
Thank you for being you. Happy Birthday to the most amazing mother, friend, and woman I know. 


  1. What an incredibly sweet surprise to wake up to this morning! Thank you son ! I love you with all my heart. Your words bless my soul.

  2. An incredible testimony from a incredible young man to his incredible mom. He sure knew how to start your birthday off right! How do you top that!!Happy Birthday.

    1. This was from Donna Hastings. Dont know how I became 'unknown" ;-)