Sunday, May 9, 2010

evening update on Nick/ 9:55 PM Sunday May 9th

Nick seemed to be more at rest today. Hopefully they are finding the right combination of pain relief. He said it is about 5% better (we will take that). He says his swallowing feels a little weird (could be side effect of radiation). His second dose of radiation went fine.

We tried to go for a walk around the floor but he could not be on his feet for maybe 10 mins because of the pain. For those of you who have visited him you will see he is usually lying on his right side because that is how he gets some relief.

The doctor mentioned maybe a Monday release. But we think probably Tuesday?? They want to make sure the pain is controlled before he comes home (and so do we).

He is strong for the wonderful visitors that come!! But emotionally as you can imagine he is suffering and scared. I feel so helpless when I see this big, strong, wonderful man crying from pain & fear. But he knows even with the unknown God is in control. I am praying God will help me to be his greatest encourager. That I will know the right words to say when he is at a lowest points.

At times I forget that we have to find the blessings. They are there God will make sure of it. We just need to have our hearts open enough to recieve them when they come. Through this trial others are watching and listening as we testify about the goodness of our sweet Lord. Maybe someone that has never accepted Jesus into thier heart will witness the joy and peace that only He can bring during times of sadness and pain and will come to know Him. Only the Lord knows!

Today I am grateful for the clear CT scan (a prayer answered, Glory to Him!!), the rest Nick recieved, for the pain to have eased off a bit, for the wonderful visitors that came, for our friends that pray for us, to be able to hug my husband and son and tell then I love them.

Our God Reigns,

The Badidas

God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble. Psalm 46:1

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  1. We love you guys, been praying for you all day. Seth will come and see Nick tomorrow. Spike talked about the importance of friendship in the sermon today...we sat there with tears in our eyes thinking of Nick. Can you tell him to hurry back so I can sit at my 45 deg angle behind was hard to focus!!!