Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sunday May 16th 5:08 PM/ Have Hope

Hello All,

Nick has had an ok couple days. He has been very tired and dosing off a lot. But he says the pain has eased off enough allowing him to rest better.That is a blessing!!I can tell he is having a hard time thinking clearly from all the pain meds. But as long as he is comfortable that is all that matters right now.

His only request is that I bring him whatever food he is craving. He says he has no control over anything else so he wants to eat some of my good food before Tuesday!! LOL...anything for my man! (and no he is not requesting low sugar foods)! They are already starting to prep him for Tuesday with a lot of blood work and IV fluids.

Aaron and I took our cardboard testimonies to the hospital to share with him! Still as emotional! Chets people know what I am talking about. For others who are not familiar.... this is a powerful way to share a testimony of hope.(you can check out on you is worth it).

Humbled, free, joyful and hopeful are just a few of the emotions I felt today during that time. Their were moments of sadness before going on the stage, just because I was wishing Nick could have been there. But I was so honored to have Aaron by my side.

We are so grateful for the awesome prayer/fasting chain that has been started for Tuesday. Adults and teenagers!!! It is our big circle of love that will keep us floating in God's peace bubble!

We will choose to live in hope. God is bigger than this cancer. If we say we are turning it ALL over then we will and not take it back for a minute.We will choose to be joyful, grateful & humbled by the many miracles that will unfold by HIS hands. We are free in Jesus because we choose to live only for His approval. Through the good and the bad HE's got our back! To God be the glory always!!!

Many of you have asked me about sending cards. Let me tell you Nick loves him some cards. He still has the ones from last year's surgery. Thank you for the encouraging ones we have already received. You can send them to our home address and I will take them to him. Email me or inbox me on FB if you need the address.

We love you all so much!! I hope you know we are feeling all of your love, prayers and encouragement!!

May you always have hope,

The Badidas

PS I will probably not update again until Tuesday evening.

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  1. Hey, just a shout out from a sister in Christ who was touched and deeply blessed by your family's testimony yesterday @ Chet's.(What an amazing time, huh?) Know that there are many you've never even met who are loving and praying for your whole family right now. I got the link to your blog from Heather's post on fb and have been thinking of you ever since....Lifting you up again this morning and thanking our Great and Glorious God for how He is loving, providing for and protecting each of you during this journey. Will continue to ask for freedom from pain for Nick, for the upcoming surgery and all involved with it, for overall healing and recovery, for strength in each new day, and for that awesome peace bubble He is carrying you in right now! May it never weaken or wane!!