Thursday, May 20, 2010

Thursday May 20th update

I walked in this morning to find my sweet man eating breakfast and he enjoyed a very big lunch as well!! Physical therapy started getting him up today. He walked a bit and sat up in the recliner for a good while. I have to chuckle that they (the nurses & doctors) seemed amazed by his pain level or lack of it!!!! I try to explain to them that it is being covered by prayer. Hopefully tomorrow he will get moved to a regular room. I will keep you posted on that.

I see so much determination in Nick. He still has a long way to go but it WILL happen. It is all being left at the feet of Jesus. When I see things upfolding like they are, it just confirms to me that we are apart of something so much bigger and better. I have witnessed so many amazing God things take place already. It is like God has this "to do" list for us and He is checking things off one by one. God encourages us daily by answering our prayers and sending us people that love and support us when we need it most.

What personal struggles do you need encouragement for this week? Lay them at the feet of Jesus and you will find the peace and comfort that only He can provide.

In HIS Name,

The Badidas


  1. God always amazes us and we shouldnt be surprised but we see his grace and power and stand in awe. As a matter of fact that would be a good song to post today. I stand in awe of You. I will look for it. Your faith and support is awesome too! Let me know when would be a good time to drop by.

  2. I realize these posts are being signed from Ned since he has the google account but it is Donna writing them!

  3. Praising His name and rejoicing with you!!!! Still praying hard and steadily for complete healing and peace:) Tammy, thank you so much for the updates!