Wednesday, June 23, 2010

June 23rd/Wednesday 9:11PM

Ok I HAVE to post that today was a GOOD day!!!!! Nick had very little pain, did not even have to take any tylenol. Just sayin' can I get an amen? This is his third day on the steroids so hopefully they are helping with the inflammation around the tumor. His face looks pretty red from the radiation, kind of looks like a sun burn. He was more active today than I have seen him be in a long time.

These days may not happen a lot, but we are so grateful when they do!! We will take whatever we can get. The Lord poured out His blessings on us today, He does everyday. It's just some days the load feels a lot heavier and those are the days when we need to rely on God even more. Back in the old days (not to old) we learned it as F.R.O.G...Fully Rely On God. There is truth and comfort in those four simple words.

Lately the updates have not been so good.....So it is joyful to share some praises and God's continued goodness with you all.


The Badidas

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  1. Yes indeedy..........this report gets a BIG AMEN!!! Prayers continue on this end and thank yous to God are always added:)