Tuesday, June 22, 2010

quick update for today/ Tuesday June 22nd

We did get a call from Dr. Pirris (neurosurgeon) office. He would like to see Nick on Friday after he has his spine MRI to discuss results from that and the x-ray from yesterday. It is evident that Nick is more uncomfortable in that spine area a little more today than yesterday. The radiological oncologist started him on steroids to help with the inflammation around the tumor. The second round of radiation seem to go well today. No side effects showing up as of yet (praying none will).

We are in survival mode daily emotionally and physically, but spiritually ALWAYS trusting.We are just praying hard for a complete healing miracle. Hopefully nothing to post for the next couple of days. Nick should only have radiation until Friday. That will be a more telling day as to what could be going on.

Thank you for you continuous encouragement and prayers.


The Badidas

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