Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Tuesday June 6th

Just walked in the door from Mayo. Everything went so smoothly this morning.... then we went to Dr Pirris' office about the infection. I do not think we were in there 5 minutes and he said Nick was going to be admitted to the hospital again.

They want to see what kind of infection he has. If it is localized around the opening, they will treat it with a high dose of anti-biotic through IV. (we need to pray hard that this is the case), if not Dr. Pirris will need to open up the area and clean out the infection (depending on what type it is). He really does not want to have to do this for various reasons. One major thing being Nick's body is not able to heal very well right now due to the radiation. Of course this prolongs yet again, chemo treatment which is very concerning to the Doctors and us. He really needs to start chemo asap,but you cannot while you have an infection.

It is kind of perplexing because he is not in pain nor has he ran a fever (we are so thankful for that). Around 6:30 they took him to radiation for CT Scan of infected area and they are going to go ahead and do brain MRI and CT of abdomen/pelvis....everything that was scheduled for tomorrow they will do tonight PTL!! He was glad too! He will be very tired and probably won't get back to his room until 9:30-10:00. He was exhausted, but in good spirits when I left. He was glad they let him eat dinner go figure!!

Prayers needed for:

Localized infection treatable without surgery
Clear Brain MRI
Clear Abdomen/Pelvis CT Scan

It is doubtful (unless it is something crucial) that we have any results this evening. Probably tomorrow morning. As far as visitation I will update you on that tomorrow as soon as we know exactly what we are dealing with. Who knows maybe he will only be there a day or two right? But I will update you all as soon as I know something.

As always we pray for God to reveal so we can conquer and defeat. Declaring victory in His name!!!

Will keep you posted.

The Badidas

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