Friday, July 23, 2010

update Friday July 23rd 2010

Hope everyone had a great week!!

We did hear from the doctor about additional radiation and they are going to hold off on doing the blast. Since only five percent of the tumor responded to radiation and the tumor is so close to the spinal cord it would be to risky to do the blast.

But here is some good news, or at least I hope it is, Nick received a call this evening from Dr. Pirris about possibly starting chemo in a week or so. They are concerned with the Nick's right hand becoming so numb that he cannot use it. We have a 1:00 appointment Monday with Dr. Kim (the oncologist). We really need prayer over that appointment and over starting chemo. It really is the last option. It seemed to boost Nick's spirits to know that he could possibly start chemo earlier (ours too).

Everything that is taking place is all in God's perfect timing. The Bible says in Ecclesiastes 8:6 "There is a right time and a right way for everything". At times I wonder with worry what time will bring. God already knows what will happen, so I just need to continue to trust in Him, particularly in the days ahead. He knows our past, our present and He certainly knows our future, in fact He already has His hand on it. That gives me peace in my heart, but my flesh still has that tendency to want to worry.

We have heard that old saying that "time is a gift so make the most of it" I am telling you those words ring so loudly to me and my family every day now. God is really freeing us from sweatin' the small stuff ". He is good at handling it ALL, big or small. We just have to let go and let Him.

God has sent us an awesome army to cover us in prayers, encouragement, and unconditional love and understanding. The picture in my head is that me, Nick and Aaron are walking on a very long path and from time to time we stop to look back and we see you all there walking closely, supporting us and loving right through this battle. What a blessing!!

The Badidas

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