Friday, November 5, 2010

Update Friday, November 5th, 2010

Jesus says that if anyone asks for anything in his name it will be given to them so that the Son might bring glory to the Father. John 14:13

We are rejoicing and praising our King for an answered prayer. No additional tumors were seen on the CT scan. Thankfulness and joy are flowing from our hearts right now.

So why the elevation in the tumor markers? Well, we were told a couple of things. There is always the false-positive readings or a possibility of some additional active cells from the tumor on the spine. It is so hard to try and explain and yet keep it simple. Although Nick had an MRI of his spine October 18th and the reading showed no additional growth of the tumor at that time, that doesn't mean that there could not be active cells starting up again. We just have to continue to stay on top of that and pray for God to guide and protect us.

But to us that's not the headline for today.......It is all about no additional tumors and bringing glory to The Father, The Mighty Healer!! As I started typing this it occurred to me that I do not often get to deliver good news regarding Nick's health, but that I hope I always deliver the good news of Jesus and all of His mercy and grace in our lives, and that even if the news would have been different today, we would want you to know that we would still fully surrender to the Lord and put our complete trust in Him.

God says His mercies are new every morning, AMEN! Each day is a new beginning, double AMEN!! He wants us to put our troubles behind us and cling to hope of the life He gives to us. Be encouraged!!

We have learned to put God in the middle of our circle of despair and watch Him turn it into a circle of hope and joy.

You people rock!!! So much love, prayers and encouragement always being sent our way. Never does the Lord let a day go by where one (or more) of you has not called, sent a text, emailed, sent a card etc....I call those God's little nuggets of goodness and joy. THANK YOU.

May God continue to pour out His blessings over you and your families.

To Him be ALL the Glory,

The Badidas

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