Friday, January 28, 2011

Friday, Jan 28th, 2011

It seems since Sunday night Nick has not opened his eyes really, he is comfortable until they have to adjust him in the bed, then you witness the amount of pain he is still in. He was running another fever yesterday, and they finally managed to get him cathed. He is having some internal bleeding, not sure why, at this point they do not check. It is just about keeping him comfortable. It is not easy seeing him these days as he is changing so much. He has not consumed any food for almost two weeks and no liquids for well over a week.

He has really come to the point of peaceful sleeping. No more trying to get up in the middle of the night. The last time he did do that was Sunday night and the nurse said when they got to his room he was kneeling on both knees, with his face in his hands, talking. She said without a doubt he was praying. Maybe he was praying for that peace he has so desperately wanted, and if so, his prayer was answered because he has not moved or spoken since.

In many ways this is such a painful thing to watch, but in some ways there are things I see and hear that make me feel like I have never been in the presence so closely with the Lord before. I think there are certain things God allows us to see and be a part of when the end of life is near. I know I have seen many things over the last several weeks.

I know you faithful prayers are praying so hard over our family right now, maybe throw a little extra one in there today for my health. I feel so guilty even asking that after seeing what Nick goes through, but I have to stay healthy and right now I am not. I am heading to the doctor today for some meds. Thank you!

So many are asking what you can do? Honestly friends right now we are just waiting for God. Just knowing you are all standing in the gap, waiting with us and praying over us daily is what we need. It is because of those constant prayers that we are still able to walk this difficult, painful path everyday. Do not under estimate what your prayers are doing in our lives!!!

If Nick could speak I know he would want to tell you he loves you. So allow me the honor to say that we do love you and feel you surrounding us, especially as that time grows near when Jesus will be calling my sweet man home.

Blessings forever and ever,

The Badidas

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