Saturday, January 15, 2011

Saturday Jan 15th, 2011

Let me say I am now usually updating blog from my phone, so please excuse the spelling errors as I am typing to get info and prayer requests out quickly.

Aaron and I left hospice about 7:00 last night. Nick resting peacefully. Then about 11:00 I got a call that he had tried to get out of bed and fell. He has a bed alarm so the nurses said they got to him quickly. We come right over and luckily he did not hurt himself. The nurses said he had been somewhat combative. So surprising because that is just not my Nick.

He does seem to experience a lot of late night restlessness. They tell me here that is common in a lot of patients. He is really not aware of what he is doing. He finally fell back into a deep sleep and slept until this morning. We were able to go home ane sleep a while.

I prayed so hard last night for relief for him, from pain, and for his mental and emotional well being. He awoke this morning still having same restlessness and anxiety.
When we arrived, we sat with him just trying to calm him, he began to cry. He said he did not want to live like this, that is wasn't right, he is tired of the pain. I told him I promised to do all I can to help him through this. Just so much suffering.

The doctor is again increasing pain meds. We are going to try Haldol again as well for night restlessness & anxiety along with the adivan. Nick is in a totally different mental place now than when they tried the Haldol before. Please pray this will work for him.

He has now been sleeping peacefully for the last few hours. But prayfully with new med he will be able to rest without interuption through the night. Everyday brings something new. Just when you think you have found the right combination, something else comes along. I just want peace and comfort to consume his mind and body.

We have a radio in here on 88.1 playing some really good praise & worship today. It is peaceful for the time being. You never really know what to expect from day to day.

Appreciate and covet all of you sweet words. Love and blessings today and always.

Jesus love you so much!! So do we!

The Badidas

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