Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sunday, Jan 30th, 2011

Just wanted to let you all know we are doing ok. So many sweet messages coming through to us. I am really trying to just rest and get over this bronchitis. I was so fortunate to have most of the planning done ahead of time.

A sad but calm and peaceful day. I did not know what to do with myself not having to go to Mayo or hospice. It is like you have to re-program yourself to try and relax. Even being sick it is hard to do that. But I am trying, I promise!

God really put on my heart that today was the first day of a new life, a very different life for us, but a life that I am sure He will continue to fill with amazing love, comfort and peace. I have to tell you I feel Nick with me and that should not surprise me, he walked beside me for 19 years he is not going to leave me now.

I do think about how happy he must be today, how handsome he must look, how I am sure he is making everyone in Heaven chuckle with that quick wit of his. God sure did pick a good man to call home!

The obituary will be available online and in the newspaper on Tuesday. It will have all the information for the service Saturday.Your prayers for us to feel God's comfort and peace are being heard and answered. Thank you!

Hope to see you all Saturday.

The Badidas


  1. I have thought of you all day. We had Will after church then were at Mayo tonight. I know you need to rest and get over that yucky bronchitis. Please take care of yourself. How is Aaron doing? I have thought a lot about him too. Please know our love and hearts are surrounding you and we are here for you all. Let me know if you need any food for company etc. Love you girl! Donna

  2. I found thoughts drifting to you often today. And, although my heart aches for you, I know that you will face this new phase of your life with all of the beauty, wisdom and grace that has carried you thus far. I is truly an honor to know you my are an amazing woman. Love you, Tammy.