Tuesday, November 1, 2011

November 1st, 2011

My Dearest Nick,

Today would have been our twenty year wedding anniversary. I found it only fitting to write you a letter, since I came across the beautiful one you wrote to me last year. I think I must have been a million miles away reading that sweet letter last November. But now, my heart absorbs every word that you wrote so eloquently to describe our love story of nineteen years.

You began by saying that you were truly blessed to be married to me and you thanked me for being by your side. I was the one who was blessed! Here on earth I had found my king, my protector, my one and only, or as I used to jokingly refer to you as "my man!" I feel so fortunate to have experienced such a true love in my lifetime. Being by your side, as your wife, was one of my greatest joys. I am not sure that I ever told you.....Thank you!

You told me to keep on keeping on....I am! Some days it is such a battle, and ever so exhausting, but you know God planted a fiery drive and determination in me and I am so thankful for that. You wrote how Aaron would continue to bring me so much joy, and he has. You would be, and I am sure you are, beaming with pride at your boy (soon to be a college boy!). You definitely left your mark in him through many expressions, especially that sweet smile of his, that is such a precious reminder of you.  He possesses so many wonderful qualities, but the one that shines brightest is his love and obedience for his Savior. Nothing on this earth brings me greater joy than to see that. God's got big plans for our boy! But you probably already know that.

 I know today would have been so very special to you. You talked so much about making it to that twenty year mark, you were so proud, you would always grin and say "who would have ever thunk it?" And I would chuckle back "not me!" all in fun of course! There is so much I miss about us, but one thing for sure is the way that only you could make me laugh. I could fill up the pages of a novel with the things I miss about us.

I think the sweetest words in that letter were when you wrote "I thank God everyday that we came into a Christian way of life and whatever happens, our 19 years will one day be an eternity together." I too am so very thankful that we committed our lives to Christ, without Him, I could not walk this journey out. The strength that Aaron and I have found through Him is nothing short of a miracle. As you ended your letter to me your wrote "You will remain in my heart and soul forever and my love for you will never cease, let's celebrate every moment the Lord has given us here together."

My sweet Nick you will remain in my heart and soul forever and my love for you will never cease. We did celebrate the moments that the Lord gave us! In true Nick Badida style I know you would be spoiling me today with whatever my little heart desired.....and you did! This letter is worth more to me than any gift money can buy.

Happy Anniversary sweetie, I love you with all my heart.


Mrs. Badida


  1. Oh Tammy, so very sweet. Thank you for sharing.

  2. That's some powerful stuff. Thank you for letting us into your heart and your personal thoughts. You are teaching us wonderful things.


  3. That's Awesome Tammy!

    Keep moving Tammy and don't stop because your train of supporters is growing.

    Love you and Aaron
    Donald C

  4. To God be the Glory!

    Thank you for allowing us to walk through your journey. Your words are true and piercing. Please know that your story touches and changes others (ME!). It gives us an awareness of what's real, important and lasting. The bottom line - only with Christ is there Hope.

    Happy anniversary my precious, precious friend. I love you.