Thursday, August 12, 2010

MRI and Therapist Update/ Thursday August 12th, 2010

I will try to make this a quick one. Dr Pirris called with the results of the spine MRI and it looks like the tumor progression is not as aggressive. It is not smaller, but it is not bigger so that is a PTL and thank you Jesus for some good news!!! Second day of chemo and things are so-so. Nick is so exhausted, kind of foggy, forgetful. I am trying to get some answers on a few things that are going on with him. I must say I feel some frustration with the oncology department right now.

The therapist we were referred to was just that, a therapist (he cannot prescribe meds)hence my frustration, we were referred to him from the P.A. in Oncology and was told he would be able to start Nick on some that would help him. He was a very nice man and is going to refer us to Palliative is like a physician for the terminally a light Hospice care. I think that will be a blessing for the three us. They will be able to prescribe Nick anti-depressants. More hands on care especially emotionally. I will update you when I know more or if anything changes (and it usually does)!

The journey continues...and so we continue to look to our Lord for our strength, He is our refuge, our fortress and our loving God. He gives us strength when we are weary. He is gentle and humble and when we go to Him and are weak, He will give us rest. His grace is sufficient and His joy is our strength. Amen!!!

God's abundant blessings to you all!

In the Name of Jesus,
The Badidas

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