Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Tuesday, January 11th, 2011

Just saw Doctor (forgot different doctors on Tues & Fri ergh!!). The problem with different doctors, they all have different opinions and ways to medicate, but thankfully she made no changes. Night duty nurse said Nick slept well, and he ate sum breakfast this morning. You have to feed it to him as he sleeps between bites, but at least he ate more.

He has been sleeping since I got here, woke up for just a few seconds, but happy to say he appears to be resting comfortable. I cannot ask for much more than that right now. No pain is a blessing!! So thankful!!

I want to share with you a Devotional I read this morning. It just made me want to shout out!!

Mission Accomplished
One day, we won't have to settle for brief spells of soul satisfaction. We'll spend ALL eternity singing God praises for the victories He gave us on earth. Our mission accomplished, we'll fill Heaven with the rejoicing of satisfied souls.

Doesn't that make you just so joyful, so full of hope? It sure does me, especially as I sit here watching Nick sleep, and knowing his mission will be accomplished.

We love you friends, you are the all so WONDERFUL!!!

Praising the Lord,

The Badidas

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